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Visit the Roman city of Italica – Eurocorr 2019

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Prices: 30 €
From Tuesday to Friday
, with output at 15:00 hours.
Panoramic visit of the city of Seville by car ending in the Roman city of Itálica, birthplace of emperors such as Adriano and Trajano.

From: 30.00

Walk through the archaeological site of Italica, the Roman amphitheatre, the outline of what were their streets and we know houses, public buildings, art objects and utensils of daily life used by its inhabitants.

Possibly the first city founded by the Romans outside the Italian peninsula, has its name in his honor. After the victory over the Carthaginians in the battle of Ilipa Magna – Alcala del Rio – general Publio Cornelio Escipión ‘the African’ founded the city of Italica in 206 B.c. so that wounded soldiers could rest, becoming the residence of veterans. So was as is created the city old, the place where more afternoon is would lift the current town of Santiponce in the S XVI. The visit includes official guide of Seville, of the Roman city of Italica, transport and entrance ticket.

  • Transfer of roundtrip.
  • Panoramic view of Seville.
  • Visit with guide official from the city of Italica.
  • Tickets for tickets.

The activity lasts 2 hours. We left from Monday to Friday at 15:00.


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