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Cordoba + Mosque + Synagogue + Jewish quarter

La Mezquita de Córdoba

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Reservations at least 48 hours in advance are supported only.

Prices: 92 € (adults), 80 € (children) y 20 € (children 0-5 years)

With official guides, visit the Cathedral mosque of the Caliphal period, now known as the Cathedral of the assumption of our Lady.
From Monday to Friday with pick-up at the hotel

From: 20.00

The building is Cultural Heritage along with the historic center of Cordoba, city of Arab heritage who hides not his past and where the water flows freely through rills drawing the plans of the city. We will walk on foot the most famous streets of the Jewish quarter: flowers calleja, the plaza Maimonides, the San Rafael bridge or the synagogue.

After the end of time free for lunch and shopping. Come with us to explore spaces filled with flowers of all colors, in pots hanging from white walls illuminated by the Sun. City of heritage Arabic that not conceals its last, apart from the pleasure that is for them senses walk by its streets, has buildings with charm that not you can lose. As his mosque attached to the Cathedral, in which light the redrawn according to the time of day. In the beginning was erected in the third largest mosque in the world, after those of Casablanca and Mecca, apart from being known throughout the East and the West for its superb construction.

The location of this city, next to the River, and the wealth of their lands of countryside it erected from their early in a place ideal for occupations prehistoric although not was to the bronze end, of them centuries IX and VIII BC, that is created its first settlement properly said. Cordoba is also a cradle of important figures who have left its cultural and intellectual legacy to the world. Names such as Abn Hazam, Averroes, Maimonedes, Juan de Mena, Cardenal Salazar, Duke of Rivas, Luis de Gongora…  to name a few, they remain forever in the historical memory of this wonderful city.

  • Collection and return at the hotel, transportation in air-conditioned luxury vehicle
  • Visit to the mosque, the Jewish quarter and Synagogue with official local guide
  • Mosque and synagogue tickets
  • It does not include lunch

The activity lasts 9 hours. Departures Monday through Friday at 8:00 from your hotel.
Monday closed the synagogue.


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